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Ángel Solanes Puchol

University Professor in the Department of Health Psychology, University Miguel Hernández de Elche, imparts his teaching in the field of Industrial and organizational psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law of this University. He taught at the University of Valencia and Castilla La Mancha. Work experience as a Social Psychologist, and Work and Organizational. Member of the Occupational Health Research (Salud-O) at the University Miguel Hernández ( main research activities are focused in the areas of Psychology of Occupational Risks, Human Resources and News technologies. Director of research projects funded occupational health, psycho-sociology of labor risk prevention and Human Resources. Author of numerous scientific publications (books, book chapters and articles), has taught numerous courses and seminars on the subject in public and private entities, participating as a speaker at various conferences, seminars and national and international symposia in this field.
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Beatriz Martín del Río

Doctor in Psychology from the University of Valencia, began his professional experience there in the Department of Basic Psychology. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Health Psychology, University Miguel Hernández de Elche, imparting his teaching in the field of Basic Psychology in the Faculty of Sociosanitarias Science of this University both in degree and doctorate and master. It is part of the research team in Health Occupational Salud-o, University Miguel Hernández, a member of the Spanish Society for the History of Psychology and the Society for the Study of Motivation and Emotion. It has numerous scientific publications (books, book chapters and articles) and conference presentations on the history of psychology, psychology of addiction, psychology traffic and road safety, and occupational health. He has also been director and researcher in several research projects funded occupational health and psycho-sociology of prevention of occupational hazards.

Fermín Martínez Zaragozá

Doctor en Psicología por la Universidad de Murcia, comenzó su trayectoria docente como profesor asociado en esta Universidad y como Profesor-Tutor en la UNED. Ha ejercido tareas profesionales en el campo de la clínica, la orientación vocacional y profesional, y la discapacidad. Actualmente es Profesor Contratado. Doctor en la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche en el área de Personalidad, Evaluación y Tratamiento Psicológico, desarrollando tareas docentes tanto en grado, máster como doctorado. Desarrolla líneas de investigación relacionadas con la creatividad, la discapacidad intelectual y la psicología de la salud, especialmente en los profesionales de la salud, a las que ha contribuido a través de algunas publicaciones.
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Gemma Benavides Gil

Gemma She is a doctor in Psychology from the University of Valencia, where he began his teaching and research as a research fellow FPI and as Associate Professor in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment. His background is primarily clinical, having completed several Masters in Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy, and having worked as a therapist. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Health Psychology, University Miguel Hernández de Elche, imparting his teaching in the area of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment. He is a member of the research group Salud-O in Occupational Health. His research career has focused on the clinical environment and health, on topics such as therapeutic play in children with cancer, children’s hospital, volunteer social work, clinical psychology in adolescents and, in recent years, occupational health.
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Rafael Lobato Cañon

Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alicante. Occupational Medicine specialist professional school for occupational medicine at the University of Granada. Diploma in medical evaluation of disability by the National School of Occupational Medicine. He teaches at the University Miguel Hernández de Elche.
He has extensive professional experience as crew chief of occupational pathology at the National Institute of health and safety at work.
He is currently chief medical examiner of the medical unit of the disability assessment team from the National Institute of Social Security.
He speaks with acting as President of the working group on anthropometry and biomechanics, and member of the Subcommittee on ergonomics AENOR.
It has dealt with the management and development of research studies, counseling and intervention on Working Conditions, Occupational Health and Ergonomics, and Occupational Pathology detection. He also directed and participated in working groups to develop methodologies and protocols for medical management of accidents, occupational diseases and medical examinations.

Raquel Costa Ferrer

Professor, Department of Psychology, Health Miguel Hernández University of Elche. She graduated in Psychology in 1996 and a PhD in Psychology in 2005 by the University of Valencia. He received the scholarship of university teacher training in the area of Psychobiology of the University of Valencia during the years 1997-2000, then worked as a teacher and researcher at the University Miguel Hernández, from 2000 to the present. His research has focused on the field of psychobiology of stress, studying the psychobiological consequences of stress on the welfare and health, both in the real field and laboratory research.

Olga Pellicer Porcar

PhD degree in psychology. Diploma in Nursing. Master in clinical neuropsychology. Master in speech therapy. Master in alternative medicine. He has extensive professional experience in clinical neuropsychology and as a registered nurse. He has been a fellow of training of research personnel granted by the MEC (1998- 2001) psychobiology area, Fellow col • tion (1996-1997) in the area of psychobiology, and Intercampus Fellow at the Institute of Genetics of Mar del Plata (Argentina) 1996. He has been awarded the national prize in psychology studies awarded by the MEC, academic achievement award bachelor, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science, the Generalitat, and the special prize of degree awarded the academic year 1996/1997. His main research focuses on the area of the Psychobiology of Stress and Health, subjective memory complaints, mild cognitive impairment and dementia and the effects of prenatal testosterone.

Eva María León Zarceño

She has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology in 2008 from the University of Valencia. He holds a Masters in Psychology of sport and physical activity as well as postgraduate specialist Disorders Eating Disorders and Emotional Disorders. He works as a teacher and researcher at the University Miguel Hernández, from 2005 to the present. His research has focused on the study of the relationship between psychology, exercise and health, as well as their psychological effects of physical activity on the welfare of the participants. In 2014 he won the award Teaching Talent in Health Sciences from the University Miguel Hernández de Elche. He is deputy director of the Master in Human Resources Management, Work and Organizations from 2010 to the present

María Cristina Gómez García

get_foto (3) Degree in Psychology, Accredited with research aptitude, Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy Specialist Psychologist, Behavioral Masters in Clinical Psychology Specialist Diploma in Management of Social Services. Since 1992 in the profession. Experience in leading and managing social-health centers, quality department; Mutual experience as Consultant in Accident and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security; experience as evaluator skills in selection processes. Over twenty years of experience in the assessment and cognitive behavioral therapy of disorders in adults. Currently, Ibermutuamur Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist in private practice and Associate Professor at the University Miguel Hernández. Teaching in masters and courses teaching modules on clinical psychology and health, organizational consulting, human resource management and prevention / treatment of disorders arising from psychosocial risks at work. Publication of articles, book chapters and communications professional conferences

Francisco Hernández Rodríguez

Degree in Engineering from the University of León. Industrial Engineer from the University of Granada. Master in Prevention of Occupational Risks with the specialties of Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychology. Since 2010 Superior Technician of Prevention in the Area of Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, where it occupies the specialty of Ergonomics and Applied Psychology. Coordinates the training of Prevention of Labor Risks in the UMH and the Service Health Surveillance in the same university. His scientific interest is in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology.

External collaborators

Miguel Ángel Serrano Rosa

miguel He graduated (1996) and doctorate (2006) in Psychology, and after spending a period of seven years from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (2003-2009), is currently Professor in the Department of Psychobiology, University of Valencia. Currently, he teaches related to occupational health in the UV (Psychobiology of stress on the itinerary of Work and Organizations) and HR master UMH. His research in recent years is related to job stress and its consequences on the psychobiological health and has published several articles related to the topic. Senior technician in prevention of occupational risks (specialties Ergonomics and Psychology, Industrial Hygiene and Safety) by the Institute of Continuing Formació Universitat de Barcelona is well.

Manuela Macajone

Degree in Psychology, Master in Social Psychology of Work and Organizations. She pursued his university studies at the University of Palermo (Italy), where she actively collaborated with the Center for Orientation and Mentoring (COT), in academic and professional guidance and in the context of individual and group Psychological Counseling. She is a member of the Italian Red Cross, with which cooperates in the sector of health, psychosocial and psychological emergencies. Her scientific interest is centered in the area of Health Psychology, Psychology of Work and Organisations, the Human Resource management in nonprofit organizations and in the field of psycho-motor therapy with animals. She is currently collaborating with the Master RRHH University Miguel Hernández.
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8 November 2018