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The Research Group, Salud Ocupacional (Salud-O), brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals in psychology professors, young researchers, PhD students and interested in the scientific study of psychological processes in the field of occupational health and impact such proceedings workers, groups, organizations and society in which are found immersed. The research group called Salud-O, Psychology of Occupational Health, is currently composed of professors from the areas of Basic Psychology, Personality Assessment and Psychological Treatment, Psychobiology and Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Health Miguel University Hernandez and the Department of Psychobiology of the University of Valencia.

The first joint efforts of the aforementioned researchers and thematic trajectory in its research lines converge at a common point of research: Occupational Health.

Since 2003 begin to develop their first joint work on said line of work. But it’s in late 2004 when they form as a research group requesting the first joint research projects. Subsequently, in 2005 the group offer in the TTO (Office of Technology Transfer and Research) at the University Miguel Hernández.

Since the early years develop research activities in the general line of action of the group, Occupational Health, although over time also several more specific fields such as were opened:

  • Psychology of Occupational Risks
  • Human Resources
  • New Technologies
  • Research Documentary
  • Health Psychology

It is in 2007 when they start to happen various collaborations and joint research projects with another group of researchers who initially formed the group, which entails that in 2010, join the group as new members. Thus, the Salud-O group expands its range of research with the following lines:

  • Stress in health professionals
  • Ergonomics for the Prevention of Occupational Risks
  • Psychobiology of Occupational Health

In the development of all our actions, both research and academic, advisory and consultancy or broadcast, the Research Group on Occupational Health (Salud-O) act according to the principles and values stated in the letters of both the Constitution United Nations and UNESCO, and likewise the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Spanish Constitution, trying to promote specifically occupational health, ie the health of workers and organizations in the context develop their activity.

24 September 2019